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OK, so not as long a wait as last time.

  1. The river has been fishing pretty good. The brown fingerlings that were stocked over the last few years are doing very well and are now reaching some good sizes.
  2. Around March 9th, the ODWC and some of our volunteers stocked 20,000 rainbow fingerlings. There have already been reports and photos (some mislabeled) of the fingerlings being caught.
  3. On April26th, there was a further stocking of an additional 8,000 brown trout fingerlings that the state got us at no charge. The report was that the stocking went very well.
  4. The OK Youth Forestry Camp is back! After Covid, the camp will resume this summer. One change is that it will be the last week in June instead of the first. The LMFRF has been asked to do the fly fishing portion again and we have a greed. Volunteers are needed for that Tuesday and Wednesday to help teach these kids. Please get a hold of us or anyone you know in the LMFRF if you would like to join us.