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Weather – Generating Schedule – Hatch Chart

Rob Woodruff is an Orvis endorsed guide. He and his wife, Jenny Mayrell-Woodruff guide on the LMFR regularly and often. Rob posts a fishing report of the LMFR on the Orvis site.

See what Rob Woodruff has to say about the current conditions.

If you are interested in fishing Zone II or Zone III, including Presbyterian Falls, these areas are affected by the USACE generating schedule. You can find the latest Corp generating schedule by calling 1-866-494-1993.

The current lake level, inflow, outflow, releases, etc. can be found on the USACE page for Beavers Bend Reservoir.

This LMFR Hatch Chart is not exact or precise but it is a very good approximation of what you will see and when you will see it. Much thanks to Rob Woodruff for putting this information together and sharing it with us.

If you are planning a trip up to Broken Bow to fish you can check the ten day forecast at

You can also visit Rob at Woodruff Guide Service and Jenny at Fly Fish Beavers Bend to book trips to the LMFR.