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Rules, Guidelines, & Registration

2024 Annual Mystery Fly® Tournament Information

February 24, 2024
7:30 AM until 12:00 Noon – Registration starts at 7:00 sharp.
Lower Mountain Fork River; Broken Bow, OK


Starting Point – Canoe and Kayak Rental Parking Lot across the bridge from BB Fly Shop.
Pairings will be drawn just prior to the start.

The Rules are Simple

  • As the name implies, everyone gets the same one fly but you won’t know what it is until the morning of the tournament. No bait, lures or droppers (An M-80 is NOT a fly).
  • You do NOT have to be a current dues paying member of the LMFRF.
  • Entry Fees are $50 for current members and $75 for non-members. The $75 fee makes that person a member.
  • Each contestant will be provided the exact same fly pattern. This fly will be the only fly eligible for use in the contest. The fly pattern will be kept secret until the start of the contest.
  • You may only fish one fly at a time.
  • As this IS a fun fundraiser, there will also be the availability to purchase ONE identical “Mulligan” fly. But only PRIOR to the start of the tournament./li>
  • Each contestant will fish that fly (flies) ONLY. Lose the fly (flies), you are out.
  • The fly may be cut off the leader and retied as needed.  Your partner must be notified that you are doing this.
  • A fly that is broken off on an obstruction may be retrieved and retied to the leader. Your partner must be notified that you are doing this.
  • A scored fish is one that is brought to hand and released; no “LDR’s”. Your partner must be notified that a fish has been landed and scored.
  • Each contestant is responsible for keeping his or her own score.
  • A “Mulligan” fly of the same pattern may be purchased BEFORE the beginning of the tournament. Once the tournament starts, mulligans cannot be bought.


  • Each Trout will be scored as ONE POINT
  • Any Trout over 12″ and less than 14″ will receive an additional point (total of 2 points
  • Any Trout of 14″ and less than 16″ will receive an additional 2 points (total of 3 points)
  • Any Trout of 16″ and less than 18″ will receive an additional 3 points (total of 4 points)
  • Any Trout of 18″ and less than 20″ will receive an additional 5 points (total of 6 points)
  • Any Trout 20″ or over will receive an additional 9 points (total of 10 points)
  • Any Brown Trout over 10″ receives a 4 point bonus.
  • ONLY Trout count – no other species of anything.
  • He or she with the MOST POINTS wins.
  • A contestant will be disqualified for:
    • tying on a new fly for any reason other than to use your pre-purchased mulligan. Announce this to your partner.
    • hindering the landing of someone else’s fish.
    • Any other cheating-type offense. r is the Judge for the contest and all decisions by the Judge is final.


  • There will be prizes awarded as follows: Gift certificates to Beavers Bend Fly Shop for $300 for First Place, $200 for Second Place, and $100 for Third Place.
  • There will also be a table with silent auction items including various cabins with multiple night stays.


The event is open to everyone who pays the registration fee (guides are not eligible).

The entry fee is $75 for non-members and gets you membership for one year. Current members fee is $50.00.

You can pre-register below. You can also pay your 2024 dues, or join the LMFRF by clicking on the JOIN/RENEW button on the Home page tab or clicking here.

Choose your option first from the drop down menu below before clicking the “Buy Now” button.

MF Registration
On site registration begins at the Canoe Rental parking lot across the bridge from the fly shop in Beavers Bend State Park at 6:30 AM. Only the first 48 entrants will receive the famed, cherished, embroidered, 2024 LMFRF “Mystery Fly” cap. All proceeds go to benefit the Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation’s efforts to improve the trout fishery on the Mountain Fork River. PRIZES MAY INCLUDE GIFT CERTIFICATES, FREE LODGING AT VARIOUS CABINS IN THE AREA, MEALS AT SEVERAL OF OUR AREA RESTAURANTS, FLY FISHING EQUIPMENT AND/OR ACCESSORIES!!