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LMFRF “Stream Watch” Program

The members of the LMFRF have started and volunteer for a program called “Stream Watch”. This program is designed to help the general public get the most out of their time on the Lower Mountain Fork River.

We know that the maps can be confusing and the regulations are full of exceptions. So in an effort to make things easier we are on the stream from time to time to offer explanations to anyone confused about where they are or what they can use or keep.

If you see anyone fishing who is wearing a badge like the one pictured below, feel free to stop and say hello. They are experienced fishermen who have, more than likely, been fishing the LMFR for years. If the regulations on the SIGNS in all the PARKING LOTS still have you confused, they can give you the right information instead of having a Game Warden write it down for you and asking for your autograph.

We want everyone to have a good time while fishing on the LMFR.