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Sunset on the Reservoir
Enhancing trout fishing on the Lower Mountain Fork River in Southeast Oklahoma
Help Us Improve The Lower Mountain Fork River
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The Lower Mountain Fork River Foundation (LMFRF) was founded in 2002 for the sole purpose of enhancement and improvement of the trout fishery of the lower Mountain Fork River.


The volunteers of the LMFRF are individuals and members of other groups from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Arkansas who have joined together to concentrate on improving and sharing this one, great river.


Spending Our Time

Members of the LMFRF spend quite a lot of their free time volunteering for various groups on the LMFR. They volunteer for Reel Recovery, guiding men dealing with cancer on three day trips. They also volunteer time to guide veterans dealing with PTSD and TBI’s on three day outings with Healing Waters North Texas. And every summer they spend two days teaching fly casting and fishing to the teenagers at the Oklahoma Youth Wildlife and Forestry Camp held in the Park.

Spending on The River

Over the years, the LMFRF has spent tens of thousands of dollars to improve the trout fishery on the LMFR. Things that include the old rearing pens, the Evening Hole Project, the conservation pools on Spillway Creek, the construction of Lost Creek, the new Regulation Signs in the parking lots. These projects are funded by us, along with matching funds from the Federal Sportfish Restoration Fund, and the work is completed by the ODWC (Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation).

Spending on Philanthropy

The LMFRF has spent much money for things that people and agencies could not afford. These gifts included radios, binoculars, and GPS units for the Park Rangers and the Game Wardens. We helped fund the radio repeater and FFC emergency channel that is used by all the local Law Enforcement/Emergency personnel around the lake and river. We purchased the 900-gallon fish tank that resides in the Park’s new nature center. We partially fund Reel Recovery and Healing Waters North Texas each year so they can hold their retreats in Broken Bow. 



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