The LMFRF was founded by Jesse and Linda King in 2002. Originally, it began as a way to raise money for the ODWC to afford to do improvement projects in the LMFR Trout Fishery. With our funding, and matching Federal Sportfish Restoration funds, the LMFR has become a greater fishery. It has since branched out to also include helping the Park Rangers, improve the Park, help the Game Wardens, teach fly fishing to the Youth Forestry Camp, and support Reel Recovery and North Texas Healing Waters.

We are a group of people who love to fly fish and love the LMFR. We are mostly all from Oklahoma and Texas, with a little Louisiana, Arkansas, and some other odds and ends thrown in there.

Current Board of Directors:

Patrick Waters: President

Tom Atwood: Treasurer (for life)

Marty Weaver: Secretary

Lauren Montgomery: Memberships

Dutch Baughman

Diane Blair

David Dillow

Lew Duckwall

Bill Leinberger

Mike Love

Chris Schatte

Phil O’Bryant

Jim Kelly (Honorary for Life)


Jesse & Linda King

Eddie & Roberta Brister

Rob Woodruff

Pam Jackson


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