It has been nine years now since the start of the NEW Evening Hole. Trees and scrub alders are growing everywhere, deer are crossing every morning and evening, and the catch and release trout continue to embarrass fishermen of all levels of proficiency. While the water is our most technical, the trail up the middle berm had become quite technical also. The pits and mud from all the foot traffic made a fisherman wish for a slippery rock to stand on. It was safer in the water. This past October of 2014, the LMFRF purchased eleven dump truck loads of gravel and the ODWC spread it all the way up the middle of the Evening Hole as well as rebuilding the lower crossing of the wetlands. This has made it a much more enjoyable walk as you leave the Evening Hole skunked again. It has also made it much easier for the Game Wardens and Park Rangers to patrol the area and write tickets.

evening-hole-gravel-2014-1 evening-hole-gravel-2014-2 evening-hole-gravel-2014-3 evening-hole-gravel-2014-4

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