At the October, 2016 Board Meeting, the ODWC gave an excellent review on their plans for the future of the Lower Mountain Fork Trout Fishery. One of the more ambitious endeavors is to clean out and repair the damage to the Evening Hole section of Zone One, or the upper Red Zone.

This work would include the need to rent much larger equipment than what is in the ODWC’s arrsenal.

This was a perfect opportunity for the LMFRF to get back to basics and fund a portion of the equipment rental for them. A motion was made and unanimously carried to donate 25% of the funding needed to rent the equipment.

We can now look forward to envisioning a new, different, and effective Evening Hole section of stream that will have better flow, increased depths, gravel areas for spawning, weed bed areas for protection and the reintroduction of structure for habitat.

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