What an outstanding weekend!! First, I want to thank everyone involved with getting this thing up and running and to those that donated prizes. In particular: Linda King, Rob Woodruff, Eddie Brister (no particular order and apologies if I’ve left people out).

For the first time, the board meeting was moved to the Friday night prior to the tournament. We had a great turnout with 56 people in attendance. A new record! Jim Miller, head of the Park, got us up to speed with the announcement that the approaches to the two bridges are now paved and that the washed out bridge may be replaced by June, no promises. Keep your fingers crossed.

The Park Rangers and the Game Wardens have been writing tickets to the violators that they catch.

The ODWC sent a report. The high points being: Flows at 95cfs for the foreseeable future. Still working on getting the two new water monitoring stations installed. Stocking access points have been improved and a couple of new ones (not saying where) and the Zone 2 road has been cleared by Jay Barfield to get the big truck down there again. They are up-to-date with the stockings and there are 8 or so more truckloads of federal fish to supplement the bi-monthly state stockings. The Evening Hole repairs are ongoing (and they are fantastic!) and some initial structure was added. There are new signs and will be put in when appropriate.

The full minutes from the meeting can be found on the Minutes Page.

Tyler Farling and his techs, Joel and Melissa, were on hand to give us an update on the trout and the bug life. There are thousands of small wild browns in and around Evening Hole. They have been determined to be ours from the egg planting in November. There are trout all up and down Spillway Creek. The bugs are doing well and Caddis are up and down Spillway. Mayflies and Stoneflies are starting to move back up. Lots of Sow Bugs.

The board made a motion and passed the resolution that sent $1600 to the OSU Foundation to help support graduate student studies on the LMFR.

The big news! The Mystery Fly Tournament was also a great success with 44 entrants (a new record also) bringing in about $4600 for the coffers(another record). The fly was a March Brown soft hackle. The fishing was pretty difficult for most everyone. Except Matt Lough who slayed them and won. Congratulations Matt. There was also a raffle held for those that were at the meeting AND in the tournament. A 2-night stay at Eddie and Roberta’s cabin was won by Bill Leinberger.

I want to thank again everyone who helped, participated, came, or allowed others to come. It was a great success and I look forward to seeing everyone next year.

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