North Texas Giving Day, 9/17

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Dear Friends,
North Texas Giving Day was a success! Communities Foundation of Texas raised over $33 million in one day for 2,000+ North Texas non-profits.
As you know, the LMFRF supports, with time and money, two of those non-profit organizations; Reel Recovery (helping men deal with cancer through fly-fishing and counceling), and North Texas Healing Waters (the local chapter of Project Healing Waters, helping veterans coping with PTSD and TBI’s).
This was only the second year for both programs to participate in North Texas Giving Day and both programs more than doubled their gifts from last year. Reel Recovery was gifted over $1300 which will pay for two men to join the next retreat and HWNT garnered $4150 which will allow them to add additional retreats in the coming year.
I want to thank all those who gave to help these two groups who continue to help those in need through the sport that we love so much.
Thank you for your generosity and support,
Patrick Waters
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